Phuket is a tropical island located in the Andaman Sea, Southern Thailand. The island is a region hub of tourism and economy, with a population estimated at one million, including international residents.

As a resort destination, there are over 700 hotels offering 50,000 hotel rooms, ranging from modest and affordable guest houses to world-class 5 star resort properties.

Patong Beach on the Resort Island Phuket - Education Abroad Asia
Phuket Map - Dr Steven A Martin Education Abroad Asia


Just one hour and ten minutes by air from Bangkok, Phuket has world-class amenities, including large shopping malls, department stores, and major international hotels and restaurant chains.

White sand beaches define the island's geography and the lifestyle of residents and visitors. The west coast is where the action is, where more than twenty beaches outline large bays along the Andaman Coast.

Exotic offshore national parks, such as the Similan and Surin Islands, are popular day trips for tourists, offering spectacular scenery and pristine clear waters.


The east coast of Phuket is open to Phang Nga Bay, a paradise for kayakers and boaters, well-know for James Bond Island, film location for the Man with the Golden Gun.

Local and tourists take affordable day trips to Phi Phi Island, a snorkelers haven and film location for The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Due to the Bay's limestone karst topography, with jungle-covered rock towers, it is an environmentally sensitive area for fish, turtles, coral reefs, mangroves and much more.

Click on the photos below to read Dr. Steven Martin's research on the geology of the Phang Nga limestone formations.


In recent years, the 'Phuket Big Buddha' has become a must see for visitor's to Phuket.

The iconic 45 meter tall Big Buddha is perched on top of Phuket and is visible from the east and west sides of the southern part of the island.

BIG BUDDHA PHUKET – A Video by Education Abroad Asia's Own John James


Located at the southern tip of Phuket, Phromthep Cape is a must-see destination on the island, with awe-inspiring views year round. From sun-up to sun-down, the clean air, cool breezes, and the freshness overtakes the body when visiting here. 

Laem Phromthep (แหลมพรหมเทพ) (Phromthep Cape) is a headland forming the extreme south end of Phuket. "Phrom" is Thai for the Hindu term "Brahma", signifying purity, and "thep" is Thai for "God". Local villagers used to refer to the cape as "Laem Chao", or the God's Cape, and it was an easily recognizable landmark for the early seafarers traveling up the Malay Peninsula.

Video by Education Abroad Asia – John James


Anna Nilsson, was born in Phuket, grew up in Sweden. Just recently, Anna returned to study Hospitality and Tourism Management at Prince of Songkla University (PSU).

Watch her new interview with Education Abroad Asia's Program Director, Dr. Steven Martin. Anna shares her experience in Phuket Island, how it feels to be back, and her thoughts on the future.


Phuket is home to one of Thailand's top five universities, and the first to specialize in hospitality and tourism education – The Prince of Songkla University (PSU) – named for the father of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

With a uniquely international atmosphere, the university offers direct access to the Phuket hotel and tourism industry, making it an ideal location for international students and faculty to experience, study, or conduct academic research.

In recent years with the advent of the "ASEAN Community 2015" (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), student mobility has increased significantly, with all 10 ASEAN countries represented by international undergraduate and master programs.

ASEAN students are studying abroad in Phuket in a variety of fields, and Education Abroad Asia 'Study in Phuket' programs offer opportunities to make friends with young individuals and academics from the region and beyond.


For American students, Phuket is an outstanding location to study business, hospitality, tourism, languages and cultural arts.

For Asian students, Phuket offers an excellent opportunity to study English close to home in an international setting. Direct flights from Phuket International Airport make travel to the island convenient and affordable.

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Prince of Songkla University

Prince of Songkla University


The PSU Phuket Campus is situated on the beautiful resort island of Phuket, one of the world’s most visited tropical islands, and an ideal location for studying hospitality and tourism.

With major international hotel chains operating in a climate of Thai business and culture, Phuket offers many resources and represents a living laboratory and case study for students, tourism researchers and professionals worldwide.


Education Abroad Asia works closely with the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (FHT), which offers all courses in English.

FHT was the first hospitality and tourism faculty in Thailand. Founded in 1993, the faculty has gained a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

Students from around the world come to FHT to study Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, and special short-term courses, including training for airline cabin crew.


The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism offers world-class training facilities for training airline cabin crew. Named PSU Airlines, international students can take special 40-hour training courses in preparation to work as cabin crew with international airlines.

Education Abroad Asia students can apply for this special course. A minimum of 7 students are required. Costs, inclusive of books and other materials is $300.00 per student.


The Phuket campus has undergone an amazing transformation in recent years. New buildings with well-designed offices for staff, computer labs, multi-level student classrooms, and much more.


'The Campus' Restaurant is managed by the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism and is a great place to meet other students and faculty. The building offers a an upscale coffee shop called the 'Sweet Factory' and the 'PSU Lodge' hotel-style accommodation for Education Abroad Asia students.

The complex is connected with the FHT classrooms and students can walk directly to their classes from their rooms or after a coffee.


The new state-of-the-art sports facility is nearly completed, featuring basketball, volleyball courts, indoor tennis, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The facility has a hotel and restaurant.

Education Abroad Asia students have access to all facilities on campus, and the hotel is available for our students' families wishing to visit Phuket during the semester.

Food and Shopping

Food and Shopping


One of the best things about studying in Phuket is the food – Delicious and cheap!

Thai food is legendary around the world and there is no better place than in Thailand to have great Thai food at affordable prices.

University campuses in Thailand are known for their delicious, ready-to-eat Thai curry dishes nicknamed "Kao Gang". Kao means "rice" and Gang means, "curry". Kao Gang is the Thai version of an inexpensive buffet, including all types of foods, such as fried chicken, seafood, and mixed vegetables.

Make You Own Thai Food with The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism!

Thai Food on Campus

Great Thai food can be found on campus. There are two student cafeterias and one restaurant inside the university. There are also three new coffee shops that serve Thai and Western foods. 

Our on-campus cafeterias are government subsidized in order to offer students complete lunches at around $1.00. That's right! "Dollar Lunch!"

If you can't wait – why not join us in the kitchen and learn to make "Phad Thai" or "Massaman Curry".

Thai and Western Food Near Campus

There are many small restaurants just outside of the university gates. Students can expect to pay $2.00 to $3.00 for lunch or dinner near campus depending on tastes and choice of drink.

International Food at Shopping Malls and Hotels

International foods at local shopping malls include nearly all major food chains, such as Starbucks, Sizzler, McDonald's, Pizza Hut or Pizza Company, and many others.

There are also many Thai or foreign-owned chains, such as Hachiban, Yayoi, Fuji, serving Asian Cuisine, and Wine Connection with great quality international foods and drinks. Additionally, there are dozens of other restaurants at Central Phuket.

Nearly all shopping malls in Thailand have food courts where students buy pre-paid cards and choose from many small food stalls at very affordable prices. Serving "Kao Gang" and other ready-to-eat Thai and international foods, lunch at most food courts will cost around $3.00.

The resort island of Phuket has 700 Hotels, including most international hotel brands, offering upscale meals and buffets, generally ranging from $25.00 to $50.00 per person.


Check out for a complete list of shopping malls in Phuket. The four largest shopping centers in Phuket are just 5 to 15 minutes from campus.


There are several large Cinemas on Phuket at Central Festival near campus and at Jungceylon Shopping Center in Patong.

International Feature Movies in English at "Central" Festival Phuket cost from approximately $6.00 for new releases, $5.00 the following week, and just $3.00 on Wednesdays. Check out what's playing and showtimes here at Education Abroad Asia's friend and sponsor –

Health and Safety

Health and Safety


Phuket, Thailand is a world-class destination for medical tourism, where medical and dental health care services are equal to most developed countries at a fraction of the cost. There are a number of excellent international hospitals near the university, including the Bangkok-Phuket Hospital, The Phuket International Hospital, and Mission Hospital (managed by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church).

In case of an emergency, each of these hospitals meets international standards.


Dental services in Phuket can be arranged at Dental Sea Clinic, owned and operated by Prince of Songkla University Professor, DDS/PhD, Ann Assenov. Professor Assenov not only has a medical degree in Dentistry (DDS), she holds a PhD in Dental Philosophy, and teaches and trains students at the university.

Earning her degree in Japan, "Professor Ann" prides her work on honesty and affordable dental care for her patients. Services at Dental Sea range from routine teeth cleaning, to more advanced services, including surgery.


Thailand has left-hand traffic, a legacy of British influence in the region. American students are urged to be particularly observant as traffic flows on in the opposite direction to what they are used to. 

Compared to the US, traffic flows in a different style and speed in Thailand, with motorcycles and vehicles of very different sizes driving at very different speeds. The "rules of the road" may vary considerably when compared with the US, and a safety in this regard cannot be overstated. A safety briefing is provided during the orientation.

Keeping with current standards in study abroad, Education Abroad Asia observes a safety-first policy, and students should not operate a motorcycle or drive in Thailand as outlined in the program agreement.


Accommodations are on campus – and all field trips and in-country travel will be arranged with licensed and experienced local drivers and guides. Students are free to use the local bus system, tuk-tuks, and private taxies for transportation.

Additionally, the university provides a shuttle service to local shopping malls several times a week and Education Abroad Asia will arrange transportation to beaches and places of interest that best meet the needs of our students.

Phuket is a world-class tourism destination, and adventures in and around the island are easily arranged. Education Abroad Asia has a designated travel company, Phuket Land Tour, owned and operated by “Mr. Soop”, a fun, fair, and friendly face on campus.


PHUKET OCEAN SAFETY – Phuket can have high and dangerous surf at anytime of year and lifeguard services, unfortunately, are unpredictable. It is essential that ocean safety be taken seriously.

Waves are highest and most frequent during the Southwest Monsoon, from approximately May to October.

In recent years, Phuket has gained recognition as a surfing destination and hosts various surfing competitions including those run by the Asian Surfing Circuit (ASC).

If you’d like to know more about beach and ocean safety, please see the following articles:


Basic international health and travel insurance is required for all students when they study abroad.

Students and parents can learn about international travel insurance coverage on the Education Abroad Asia Travel Insurance Page.

Clothes and Laundry

Clothes and Laundry



In Thailand, wearing the classic black and white university uniform is a way of acknowledging the privilege of studying at a university. At Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, students wear their uniforms and dress shoes to classes and offices.


American students appriciate the respect they receive on campus when dressed in their sharp-looking, tailor-made uniforms. Boys wear black pants and white shirts, and girls wear black skirts and white shirts or blouses.

Dr Steven Martin - Thanks to Star Tailor House, Phuket, Thailand


During your first week at Prince of Songkla, our tailor meets you personally to measure and fit your uniform. Education Abroad Asia provides two sets of clothes per student. Additional uniforms can be purchased for approximately $30.00 (shirt + skirt or trousers).

Tailor shops are very popular and inexpensive in Phuket, and students often order dress clothes and suits to take home to the US. We recommend Star Tailor House, owned and operated by a graduate of PSU and his family. They are familiar faces around campus and one of the best tailor shops on the island.


There are many laundry mats and services near campus. Many students have there laundry cleaned, pressed and folded on campus at the laundry service and dry cleaning shop below the girl's dormitory. Cost is approximately 10 cents per shirt or pant for wash, dry and press.

Professional dry cleaning is also available on campus at approximately $1.00 per item and takes 1 to 3 days. 

New Phuket Campus Sports Facility – Opening May 2017

New Phuket Campus Sports Facility – Opening May 2017

Construction on the New Phuket Campus Sports Facility at Prince of Songkla University has kicked into high gear and is expected to open for Education Abroad Asia students by summer 2017...

Construction crews and workers from around Southeast Asia are working daily to complete this outstanding facility, featuring indoor basketball courts, tennis, badminton, exercise equipment and much more.

Students and faculty attending Summer Session 2017 and Fall Semester 2017 can take the plunge in the new Olympic-sized swimming pool on campus.

This ambitious project is taking shape along with other campus-wide development programs aimed at internationalizing the university.

Coming Soon! The New State-of-the-Art Sports Facility at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus

Laying New Turf - The Soccer Field is Taking Shape