Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad

Education Abroad Asia, a division of the United States Education Abroad Resource, joins the Institute of International Education’s Generation Study Abroad initiative. The project supports Americans to gain international experience through study abroad programs.

Education Abroad Asia (EAA) conducts ongoing and new activities that help broaden participation in education abroad in Southeast Asia by recruiting, supervising and supporting strategic goals that benefit students, universities, organizations, local communities, and diverse stakeholders in the region.

Our programs focus on hospitality, tourism and cultural arts in the context of sustainability and human and physical resources. In order to meet these and other objectives, we are currently networking with educational institutions in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao PDR.

EAA serves as an education abroad media source, producing literature and multi-media materials, including videos and a professionally-produced documentary film with University Filmworks that spread the word about the desirability and affordability of learning experiences in Asia. EAA provides an avenue for alumni to highlight study abroad as a career-enhancing pathway through different types of media, including testimonials, blogs, and literature and film through our websites  and

Working with the United States Education Abroad Resource, EAA is organized to provide highly professional educational experiences alongside academic, personal and career counseling relevant to study abroad.

To reach these objectives, methods and practices include research processes entrenched in our programs to assist undergraduate students in publishing research and presenting their findings at international conferences. The organization contributes resources to achieve these goals by providing advisers, editing support, and planning assistance to help students to attend conferences. In addition, subject to budget constraints applying in each financial year, we aim to provide a range of scholarships for study abroad students and researchers.

Through coordinated efforts with Study Abroad Journal, EAA conducts, publishes and presents research and reports related to motivations for and outcomes of study abroad experiences, including the promotion of Generation Study Abroad as a research topic. Anticipated outcomes include an increasing level of study abroad participation as well as the generation of new ideas and new research findings which will likely benefit all education abroad stakeholders.

Education Abroad Asia promotes Generation Study Abroad through our websites, listings, promotional media, and social media channels, and through on-going film and video projects. EAA has joined the conversation at #GenerationStudyAbroad and updates IIE annually on our progress towards meeting these goals.

Education Abroad Resource

Education Abroad Resource

The United States Education Abroad Resource develops research projects, educational programming, and digital media production in support of international education and study abroad.

About Education Abroad Resource – Projects and Programs

Education Abroad Resource was established by Dr. Steven Martin to familiarize students and individuals from around the world with international education as an alternative, intriguing and adventurous pathway to learning and global understanding.

Originally conceived through Dr. Martin’s personal experiences as an American undergraduate student attending US-based study abroad programs in Asia, it began through keeping journals and developing magazine and academic articles for publication. His photojournalism work grew into Study Abroad Journal Publishing and Film and today this and other projects are organized under Edu Abroad Resource.

What We Do

Education Abroad Resource organizes research projects, educational programming, and digital media production in support of international education and study abroad. The organization administers University Filmworks and Study Abroad Journal, wherein media and educational programming are developed cooperatively with Education Abroad Asia.

We hope you enjoy and share our outlook and objectives, highly visible through social media and our websites.

Study in Phuket

Study in Phuket

Study in Phuket with Education Abroad Asia – Fun and affordable study abroad on the resort island of Phuket, Thailand. Based in the USA, Edu Abroad Asia offers direct enrollment programs with Thai and International students...

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  • Summer and other short-term study abroad are designed for small groups, tailor-made programs, or for organizations and universities seeking to develop faculty-led cooperative.
  • Short-term programs run separate from semester dates and costs reflect special programming needs, such as lecturer contact hours and use of facilities on campus.
  • Benefits include flexibility in program dates, ability to tailor curriculum, and the potential to integrate dynamic field work and study tours which augment classroom learning.
  •
  • Gap-Year programs follow the same process and protocols as semester programs with potentially added support and guidance from Dr. Steven Martin, the on-campus director.
  • As gap year students are normally high-school graduates and younger students seeking new experiences abroad, parents may choose to have direct communication with our program director.
  • Multi-country gap year approaches are available with the first semester at Prince of Songkla University and the second term developed based on personal interest and aptitude.
  •
  • Excellent opportunities exist for students of all ages to conduct research and produce an academic publication at the national or international journal level.
  • Students seeking this path will receive academic support and guidance from an appointed adviser at Education Abroad Asia, Phuket Campus.
  • Mature students who understand the value and significance of publication in their personal, academic and professional life will not be disappointed with our program.
  •

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Phuket Surf Science


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