Transfer Credit

International Curricular Philosophy and Tranfer Credit

Earning university credit is a baseline goal of all students worldwide

The globalization of education and student mobility has greatly increased across countries and continents in recent years alongside transparency in accreditation and transferability of credits among foreign institutions.

Accreditation in Asia and ASEAN

  • Given the growth of international programs, and the need for courses and transfer credit to be provided in English, PSU Phuket provides course descriptions, syllabi, transcripts, and diplomas in English.
  • The formation of the ASEAN Community 2015 has brought 10 Southeast Asian countries together in the spirit of academic synchronization with English as the official language of cooperation.
  • Important to international student mobility, the PSU Phuket Campus is accessible to native English speakers as well as Chinese and ASEAN students interested in preparing to study in the US, Canada and Australia.
  • University semester start dates, course codes, credit structures and English documents share common ground among university systems.

Globalization at PSU, Phuket, Thailand

  • As leading examples in academic globalization, Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Phuket Campus, Thailand, is an officially-designated international campus.
  • The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism accepts nearly 100 foreign students per year and increasingly, Thai students are going abroad for their internships.
  • The university facilitating mobility among Chinese language and culture instructors to live and work in Thailand and prepare students and teachers for education abroad.

Grade Systems and Transcripts

  • Grade systems employed at PSU are nearly identical to those Canada, Australia and the USA.
  • A score of 70% in Thailand, for example, is generally equal to a score of 70% in the USA. Codes used on Thai transcripts are straightforward and normally delineated on the transcript, for example, ‘S’ represents ‘Satisfactory’ and ‘W’ indicates ‘Withdraw’.

International Credit Exchange

  • Credits are awarded on a semester basis.
  • American exchange students have successfully transferred PSU credits to their home institutions in the US.
  • Our Academic staff available to assist should any further information be required by the students or institutions concerned.

Semester Credit Hours

  • Each semester has 15 weeks of lectures, 1 week of midterm examinations, and 2 weeks of final examinations.
  • Each course on the curriculum counts as 3 credits, and includes 45 lecture hours or equivalent, 90 hours self-study, 6 hours of examinations (3 hours for midterm examination and 3 hours for final examination).
  • In total this equals 141 study hours per course. Some courses may require additional time for activities such as business visits or field trips.
  • In addition to attending lectures and field trips, students are expected to carry out and keep a record of class exercises, group work, independent studies, business and site visits, quiz and examination preparation, and lecture notes taken throughout the semester.
  • All work that goes into earning credits makes the overall workload complete and substantive. PSU considers a student full-time if his/her schedule totals 12 or more credits (that is, 4 or more courses) per semester.
  • PSU course credits are normally transferable as equivalent to US course credits (i.e. 1 to 1, PSU to US) based on university standards for comparing the study attainment and performance of students.
  • In both Thailand and the US, 1 credit is generally equivalent to 15 contact hours with the course lecturer (i.e. 3 credit courses involve 45 contact hours).

Upper and Lower Division Credits

  • Lower and upper division credits are identified in the course numbers corresponding to the year of study in a given degree program as represented by the first number after the dash as illustrated below.
  • The number ‘3’ represents that Eco-Tourism Business Management is an Upper Division course:  802-304 Eco-Tourism Business Management

PSU Workload Code

  • The Prince of Songkla University Grade Transcript
  • The Prince of Songkla University grade transcripts are prepared in English. Transcripts are comparable to the US system with some minor modifications.
  • PSU transcripts do not distinguish levels of “A” (such as A+ or A-) or attribute “minus” grades at the B, C or D levels (i.e. there is no B-, C-, or D-).
  • “S” and “U” are only used for students who audit courses.
  • “R” is used to indicate a course deferred due to student illness with intent to re-enroll in the course at a future date.
  • The grade scale for coursework and exams may vary slightly between courses according to individual syllabi.