Tourism Phuket

Tourism Phuket


The resort island of Phuket, Thailand, has over 700 hotels, 50,000 hotel rooms and millions of tourist arrivals annually

Hospitality and tourism activities have grown up and developed around the interest and opportunity of tourism entrepreneurs and employees on the island.

Whether or not the student of tourism agrees with the carnival-like atmosphere of high-energy destinations like Phuket, we must take an objective look at the individuals who have created and work in the industry, including the services they provide, and livelihoods they support.

Tourism dollars support all levels of Thai society, and a considerable portion of income reaches distant provinces and households throughout the entire country. 

Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to study in Phuket for accredited summer, semester, and gap year programs.


Hospitality and tourism students and researchers can personally experience and objectively study as many of these activities and services as possible during their semester abroad in Phuket — the living laboratory of the Asian hospitality and tourism industry.

C9 Hotelworks provides up-to-date statistics on Phuket: 2017 Phuket Tourism Market – Research Update (PDF)


Students are encouraged to participate in tourism activities to better understand these products and how they are managed and operate. Avenues of research and publication are supported during Semester and Gap Year programs.

Education Abroad Asia Phuket works with the friendly and reputable Phuket Land Tour based at Prince of Songkla University.

NEW PHUKET "AQUARIA" | University Filmworks | พิพิธภัณฑ์สัตว์น้ำ | ภูเก็ต

Top 5 Must-See Places

  1. Big Buddha (EAA Video)
  2. Chalong Temple (EAA Video)
  3. Three Beaches Viewpoint
  4. Phromthep Cape (EAA Video)
  5. Sarasin Bridge

Wat Chalong - EAA Video

Phang-Nga Bay

Tiger Kingdom

Top 10 Tourism Market Segments for Research

  1. Beach tourism
  2. Community-based tourism
  3. Cultural tourism
  4. Dive tourism
  5. Eco-tourism
  6. Event tourism
  7. Food tourism
  8. Golf tourism
  9. Medical tourism
  10. Surf tourism

Thai Cultural Theme Parks

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