Tourism Cambodia

Tourism Cambodia

Cambodia Tourism and Study Abroad

Students at Angkor Experience Khmer Culture

Tourism Cambodia

Education Abroad Asia offers direct enrollment opportunities in Cambodia. Students can study at the Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship at Pannasastra University (PUC) in Phanom Phen for a semester or as part of a Gap Year abroad. PUC is the largest and best university in Cambodia to provide English-based education in all subjects.

Learning and Business

Given the dynamic growth and significance of the tourism industry in Cambodia today, education in tourism, hospitality, and entrepreneurship connect students with as sorts of interesting learning and business opportunities.

Of recent interest, projects in development with the Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship, include community-based tourism, sustainable and organic farming, coastal studies and inland fisheries, and other activities based on the needs of students and local communities.

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