Surfing Phuket

Surfing Phuket

Surfing Phuket is increasing popular and the island is the number one surfing destination in Thailand, with all types of international surfers visiting to check out the waves, attend surfing events, or to experience surfing in combination with other tourism activities...

Surfing Phuket is best during the Southwest Monsoon from May through October when regionally-generated winds create consistent surf nearly 7 days a week. With a little luck and some good timing, groundswells traveling across the Indian Ocean pass through the Nicobar Channel and enter the Andaman Sea, bringing high-quality surf to the island that on the right day can rival the best surf sites in the world.

Lessons and board rentals are available at most surfing beaches, with Kata Beach being the most popular area for taking a 1 or 2 hour surf lesson from the local Thai beach boys who know the water and waves.

On September 25, 1999, Thailand’s first international surfing contest was held at Kata Beach in Phuket, sponsored by employees from Cobra, the world’s largest surfboard manufacturing company, located in Chonburi, near Bangkok.

Phuket is a cool place to conduct surf tourism research on weekends at various surf beaches around the island! Surf tourism research is a new and dynamic area of research involving the sustainable management of coastal resources, including water quality and biodiversity of marine organisms. Check out this new blog on surf tourism research posted by Study Abroad Journal.

The conservation of surf sites is increasing important – and Phuket is no exception. Brad Farmer, global chair of the non-profit organization National Surfing Reserves (NSR) met with Dr. Steven Martin from Prince of Songkla University to visit and discuss the protecting surf sites in Thailand for future generations – Published in the Phuket Gazette.

"Surfing and Coastal Resource in Thailand" is an easy-to-read magazine article published in the inaugural issue (2010) of Thailand Surfrider.

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