Mr John James

John shares his passion for learning in this new production by University Filmworks - Featured on the Harvard University edX MOOC platform - And produced for the School of Hotel and Tourism Management in Hong Kong.

Student Support Services

Mr. John James (JJ) is our student support representative for the US West Coast. Based in Seattle, Washington, he works with schools and universities to support Education Abroad Asia’s study programs, consulting and counseling students.

John has a lot of experience in Phuket, Thailand, and helped in the editing and production of our video and film series. We recently caught with him for a personal interview on how he got stated traveling and working with Education Abroad Asia.

He is featured in the EAA Blog: “Our Man in Seattle

John is a learning enthusiast, always pushing ahead in developing new skills and knowledge. He is also an outstanding film editor, including script writing, to shooting, to post production.