Dr Steven Andrew Martin

Dr Steven Andrew Martin is an American academic and tenured lecturer at the Faculty of International Studies Department of Thai and ASEAN Studies, Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand, specializing in international education exchange in East and Southeast Asia. Steven is the founder and editor of Study Abroad Journal.

Steven's international education philosophy is presented with videotaped personal interviews and short films in this new online article: "Exploring Education Abroad Asia and the Asian Paradigm".


Steven has a BA (Liberal Studies) in Chinese Culture & Philosophy from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, an MA in Taiwan Studies from National Chengchi University, Taipei, ROC, and an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management and PhD in Environmental Management from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.

Study Abroad

As an undergraduate, Steven participated in 9 US-based study abroad programs in Costa Rica (University Study Abroad Consortium — USAC), South Africa (School for International Training — SIT), Spain (College Consortium for International Studies — CCIS), China (Peking University — PKU), and Taiwan (Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology — MUST).


Steven has published over 50 articles and papers, ranging from the popular magazine level to learned peer-reviewed international journal level. He works across disciplines and topic areas, including ethnographic projects with the Taiwan indigenous peoples and the sustainable surf tourism industry.