Dr Raymond Ritchie

Dr Raymond Ritchie

Biologist and Research Adviser

Dr. Ray is a native of Australia and earned his PhD from the University of Sydney. He had a 3 year post-doctoral appointment at Cornell University, USA, and post-doctoral assignments at the University of Washington, USA, and the University of Vancouver, Canada.


Dr “Ray” has 110 publications, including more than 90 papers in peer-reviewed international journals on topics ranging from bacteria, algae, corals, plants, South African fur seals and astrobiology, to those in the social sciences, including surf site and tourism conservation. Review Dr. Ray’s publication record on Research Gate.

International student support

Dr Ray has lived, worked and conducted research in Australia, North America (US and Canada), Scotland and SE Asia. He has unique experience in advising undergraduates in their research, including publication in international journals.