Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions


Education Abroad Asia Offers Courses Taught in English for International Students



805-102 Fundamental Thai  4(3-3-6)

Background knowledge about Thai phonology and morphology; basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for daily life


810-107 Life Skills for Multi-Cultural Living  2(1-2-3)

Philosophy and aesthetics of life; life skills for personal fulfillment based on sufficiency economy; positive attitude towards life; personality development; personal life goal setting; encouragement techniques towards oneself and others; living in a multi-cultural society while bearing in mind moral and ethical principles


810-112 History and Thai Society  4(4-0-8)

Origin of Thais; development of society and culture from the community to state levels; ancient Thai civilizations; classifications of Thai era; Thai history in the context of the world’s history; evolutions in terms of politics, government; foreign affairs, economy and society; characteristic and structure of Thai society, social, economic and political foundations of Thai society; important religions in Thailand; current situations in Thai society; factors affecting changes in Thai society 


810-114 Skills for Learning and Problem-solving  4(4-0-8)

Life-long learning skills; learning process; knowledge acquiring process; managing knowledge; distinguishing between opinions and facts; positive thinking; thinking creatively and laterally; problem-preventive measures; problem-solving skills; evaluating and decision-making


810-201 Social Psychology  4(4-0-8)

Examination of human social systems and behavior with emphasis on cultures, societies, and social orders; surveying current psychological methods and procedures, basic human needs, and human behavior regarding reinforcement, motivation, learning, perception, intelligence and ability


810-301 Intercultural Communication  4(4-0-8)

Meaning and origin of intercultural communication; principles of intercultural communication via an understanding of language, customs, social class, gender, race, patterns of language cultures; communication strategies; social relations structures between ethnic groups leading to effective intercultural communication


813-102 Ballroom Dance  1(0-2-1)

Historical background; evolution of rules; regulations and safety; developing and increasing personal health by practicing ballroom dance


813-104 Yoga  1(0-2-1)

Historical background; evolution of rules; regulations and safety; developing and increasing personal health by practicing Yoga



802-302 Nature and Wildlife Tourism Business Management  4(4-0-8)

Principles of nature and wildlife tourism business management; natural resources and wildlife for tourism; activities and facility management in nature and wildlife tourism attractions; laws related to the nature and wildlife tourism business


802-304 Eco-Tourism Business Management  4(4-0-8)

Knowledge of components and principles of eco-tourism management; relationship between eco-tourism and eco-system and natural resources; determining factors in influencing the eco-system and natural resources that affect eco-tourism activities; styles of eco-tourism activities suitable for maintaining the balance of the eco-system; community participation in eco-tourism


803-301 Airline Management  4(4-0-8)

Principles and business concepts of airlines, managing the operations both ground and in-flight services, airline organization, marketing, strategy for airline operations; IATA regulations; basic knowledge of airplanes and flights


803-306 Airline Ground Service Operations  4(4-0-8)

Passenger service procedures before taking off, checking-in and boarding procedures; passenger service procedures after landing, baggage service and baggage claim; handling unforeseen circumstances, delayed passengers, illegal items brought by passengers, sudden illness of passengers


817-204 Human Resources Management  4(4-0-8)

Theories and practices in personnel management in the hospitality and tourism industry; organization and operations of human resources department, hiring, discipline, compensation, job analysis, performance appraisal


818-202 Marketing for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry  4(4-0-8)

Application of marketing principles and practices for the special needs of the hospitality and tourism industry; analysis of the marketing environments; opportunities and strategies particular to managing the marketing functions in the hospitality and tourism industry


818-402 Research Methods for Hospitality and Tourism  4(4-0-8)

An understanding and recognition of the values and techniques of research necessary for effective decision-making; the ability to recognize and  objectively criticize existing research methodologies; developing and conducting either qualitative or quantitative research, problem identification and definition, scope of study, research design, sampling, data collection, data analysis using statistical analysis, discussion of the findings, recommendation for future research


819-304 Convention and Event Management  4(4-0-8)

An overview of the convention and event industry, meetings, conventions, exhibitions, incentive travel, and other special events at both national and international levels; types of meetings and special events; present situations, trends, and opportunities in the event market; components of the event industry, identification of industry stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities; examination of various impacts of the industry; an introduction to planning, marketing, and event evaluation processes


820-402 Contemporary Issues in the Hospitality Industry  4(4-0-8)

Issues affecting the hospitality industry, exploration of the issues utilizing various strategies and multi-disciplinary approach; discussion and interpretation of multiple perspectives with an emphasis on critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and the formulation of innovative solutions


821-103 Knowledge of Beverages  4(2-4-6) 

Knowledge of beverages both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks with emphasis on the identification; use of tools and equipment; beverage preparation skills


821-401 Menu Planning and Pricing Strategy  4(4-0-8)

Theories and practices in menu planning; principles of nutrition in menu planning; types of menu; factors effecting menu planning including menu design, pricing of the items; relationship of profit and loss to the prices of the items; and assessment and improve of menu


821-402 Cost Control and Purchasing in Food and Beverage  4(4-0-8)

Principles and strategies in food and beverage cost control; budgeting for operations; cost-volume-profit analysis; menu pricing; labor cost control; utilizing computer system in cost control; management principles in cost control and procurement procedures including purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing, production, sales and service



811-456 Advanced Business English  4(3-2-7)

Accurate, appropriate and imaginative use of the English language in various characteristic contexts situations of contemporary international business; coherently structured business presentations; writing effective business correspondence and documents; debating and business negotiating


812-204 Statistics  4(4-0-8)

Meaning and scope of statistics; data and level of analysis; descriptive statistics; sampling techniques; distributions; confidence intervals; estimation and hypothesis testing; chi-square test; analysis of variance; correlation; linear regression


817-102 Principles of Accounting  4(4-0-8)

A general introduction to financial accounting, concepts and techniques; applications to various forms of business organization; using managerial and financial accounting information systems for business decision-making


817-103 Principles of Marketing  4(4-0-8)

Scope of marketing and marketing tasks; marketing concepts and tools; classifications and analysis of consumer behavior in different types of market; analysis of marketing environment and competition; development of market offerings to fit the new economy


817-201 Principles of Economics  4(4-0-8)

An introduction to the microeconomics of production, consumption and markets; history and structure of Thai economy; an introduction to macroeconomics and competitive market economy


817-202 Business Finance  4(4-0-8)

Operational and strategic financial problems, allocation of funds; cost of capital and financial structure; financial information system; financial structure; policy determination and analysis of the financial environment


817-203 Principles of Management  4(4-0-8)

Management principles and analyzing techniques; decision-making principles in management systems; organizations and organizational design; organizational theories and development; interpersonal relationships; development of management competencies



  • EAA students may choose to enroll in any courses listed provided that the chosen courses are not overlapping in the study timetable, and that there are at least 10 students enrolled in the course selected.

  • Students normally choose 4 or 5 courses per semester.

  • The course list may be subject to change. Please note that some courses offered to international students only, but most of our courses provide opportunities to study with Thai students.

  • Elective courses are subject to low demand and may not be offered if there are less than 10 students registered. 

  • Please also note that the course list may be subject to change. 

  • Students may change their course selection within the first week of the semester by contacting the EAA director or FHT staff. 

  • Students may be able to enroll in Thai cultural courses or various language courses (such as Thai or Chinese) offered by Faculty of International Studies.

  • Costs for additional courses (those not offered by FHT) may be supported by EAA depending on circumstances. Please contact the EAA program director, Dr. Steven Martin, for assistance with courses taught by other faculties.