Clothes and Laundry

Clothes and Laundry



In Thailand, wearing the classic black and white university uniform is a way of acknowledging the privilege of studying at a university. At Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, students wear their uniforms and dress shoes to classes and offices.


American students appriciate the respect they receive on campus when dressed in their sharp-looking, tailor-made uniforms. Boys wear black pants and white shirts, and girls wear black skirts and white shirts or blouses.

Dr Steven Martin - Thanks to Star Tailor House, Phuket, Thailand


During your first week at Prince of Songkla, our tailor meets you personally to measure and fit your uniform. Education Abroad Asia provides two sets of clothes per student. Additional uniforms can be purchased for approximately $30.00 (shirt + skirt or trousers).

Tailor shops are very popular and inexpensive in Phuket, and students often order dress clothes and suits to take home to the US. We recommend Star Tailor House, owned and operated by a graduate of PSU and his family. They are familiar faces around campus and one of the best tailor shops on the island.


There are many laundry mats and services near campus. Many students have there laundry cleaned, pressed and folded on campus at the laundry service and dry cleaning shop below the girl's dormitory. Cost is approximately 10 cents per shirt or pant for wash, dry and press.

Professional dry cleaning is also available on campus at approximately $1.00 per item and takes 1 to 3 days.