Dr Steven Andrew Martin

Dr Steven Andrew Martin is an American academic and tenured lecturer at the Faculty of International Studies Department of Thai and ASEAN Studies, Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand, specializing in international education exchange in East and Southeast Asia. Steven is the founder and editor of Study Abroad Journal.

Steven's international education philosophy is presented with videotaped personal interviews and short films in this new online article: "Exploring Education Abroad Asia and the Asian Paradigm".


Steven has a BA (Liberal Studies) in Chinese Culture & Philosophy from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, an MA in Taiwan Studies from National Chengchi University, Taipei, ROC, and an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management and PhD in Environmental Management from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.

Study Abroad

As an undergraduate, Steven participated in 9 US-based study abroad programs in Costa Rica (University Study Abroad Consortium — USAC), South Africa (School for International Training — SIT), Spain (College Consortium for International Studies — CCIS), China (Peking University — PKU), and Taiwan (Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology — MUST).


Steven has published over 50 articles and papers, ranging from the popular magazine level to learned peer-reviewed international journal level. He works across disciplines and topic areas, including ethnographic projects with the Taiwan indigenous peoples and the sustainable surf tourism industry.

Mr John James

John shares his passion for learning in this new production by University Filmworks - Featured on the Harvard University edX MOOC platform - And produced for the School of Hotel and Tourism Management in Hong Kong.

Student Support Services

Mr. John James (JJ) is our student support representative for the US West Coast. Based in Seattle, Washington, he works with schools and universities to support Education Abroad Asia’s study programs, consulting and counseling students.

John has a lot of experience in Phuket, Thailand, and helped in the editing and production of our video and film series. We recently caught with him for a personal interview on how he got stated traveling and working with Education Abroad Asia.

He is featured in the EAA Blog: “Our Man in Seattle

John is a learning enthusiast, always pushing ahead in developing new skills and knowledge. He is also an outstanding film editor, including script writing, to shooting, to post production.

Mr Peter Coan

Mr Peter Coan

Textual Analyst, Research, and English Language Coach


Originally from the United Kingdom, Mr Peter Coan is a Thailand-based teacher, editor, trainer, and technical writer with over twenty years of professional experience, designing and delivering top-quality courses and training materials targeted to an audience of any age group and any level of English proficiency. Peter is a volunteer editor for the Study Abroad Journal.


Peter has experience tutoring students of all levels from a variety of countries and backgrounds, from kindergarten up to university professors. In the classroom, he is known to be flexible, employing a student-centered approach, based on dialogue rather than lecturing wherever possible. His egalitarian teaching style tends to generate an honest, humorous, friendly, two-way flow of information, which is highly conducive to real learning.

Ms Jantanee Wongklang

Miss Jantanee Wongklang

Thailand In-country Coordinator


Ms. Jantanee Wongklang earned her Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hotel Management at the prestigious Mahasarakham University, Thailand.

International TAT Guide

She is fluent in English, having earned an international tourist guide certificate from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). She has lived, worked and studied abroad in Australia and specializes in inbound and outbound tourism affairs in her native Thailand. She has front-office experience in several 5-star hotels and Starbucks Thailand, the Seattle-based coffee chain.

Education Abroad Asia - Thailand

Ms. Jantanee is our Thailand in-country coordinator, supporting international students, including housing arrangements, providing local knowledge, and facilitating a wide range of in-country educational services.

Dr David Blundell

Dr David Blundell

Edu Abroad Asia Global Ambassador


Dr David Blundell received a doctorate in anthropology from the University of California based on the life histories of Buddhist practitioners making their own ethnographic films in Sri Lanka (Masks: Anthropology on the Sinhalese Belief System).


Professor Blundell is currently Director of the Asia-Pacific SpatioTemporal Institute, Top University Project in Digital Humanities, Research and Innovation-Incubation Center, National Chengchi University, Taipei. He conducts research with the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI), School of Information, University of California, Berkeley, as anthropology and language editor.

Film and Video

As a filmmaker, Dr David Blundell received the United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 Award for Best Documentary, Arising Light: Dr B R Ambedkar and the Birth of a New Era in India. His publications concern the anthropology of belief systems, anthropology of religions, visual anthropology, aesthetic anthropology, geographic information systems (GIS), languages and cultures, and Southern Asia and Asia-Pacific as a Cultural Area.

Ms Barbara Raeder

Ms Barbara Raeder

Student Services, New York

Intercultural education

Ms Barbara Raeder makes her current residence on the East End of Long Island, New York. Her interest in subtleties that define cultures began as a high school exchange student in Brazil. Since that time she has continued to foster intercultural relationships and experiences as both teacher and administrator while working with preschool through college level learners. In addition to faculty assignments ranging from bilingual special education, cultural history, and world religions, Barbara’s experience includes directing a travel/study program in Latin America and immersing herself and other learners in numerous service learning travel programs on four continents.

Thailand experience

In 2011 Barbara began working as Executive Assistant to the Director of the International Affairs Centre (IAC) at Prince of Songkla University in Phuket, Thailand. While living in Thailand for over three and a half years, she was also a member of the management team at a welfare boarding school for underprivileged children in Phang Nga Province. Barbara is the mother of three grown children including a son who is fluent in Thai and lives in Phuket, where he studied at the Faculty of International Studies, PSU.

Dr William Peng Ponna

Dr William Peng Ponna

Cambodia In-country Coordinator


Dr William Peng Ponna received his Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology from the University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, and MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.

Pannasastra University (PUC)

Dr William Peng Ponna is an outstanding member of the Cambodian community and currently serves as an Assistant Dean and Lecturer in the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship at Pannasastra University, Cambodia (PUC).

Cambodian Representative

William serves his country through a number of offices and positions, including The Sub-Committee on Tourism and Sport, The Cambodia-Thai Friendship Association, The Royal Academy of Cambodia, and The Council of the Ministers. He also serves in the Chief Office, Communication and Technology Tourism, Dept of Statistics and Tourism Information, Cambodian Ministry of Tourism.

Dr Ilian Assenov

Dr Ilian Assenov

Economist and Research Adviser


Originally from Bulgaria, Dr Ilian Assenov graduated from Oxford University and received his PhD at Osaka University. Ilian is fluent in English, Bulgarian and Japanese, and lectures Thai and international students at the Prince of Songkla University in Phuket, Thailand. He advises students at the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels.

Research areas

Ilian publishes in many areas of economics and finance, and specializes in tourism research, including medical tourism. He is the APTA (Asia Pacific Tourism Association) representative for Thailand and has an impressive publication record, advising more than 50 graduate students over the past decade.

In recent research, Dr Ilian Assenov has co-authored a series of international journal papers on surf tourism with Dr Steven Martin at Education Abroad Asia. The research includes the development of the Surf Resource Sustainability Index (SRSI), a methodology and modular approach to surf site field assessment employing qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Dr John Cheng

Dr John Cheng

University of Hawaii at Hilo Professor and Chair

Dr John Cheng is originally from Haulien, Taiwan. He was an outstanding student who received a series of scholarships leading to his PhD in Philosophy from Ohio State University. Dr. Cheng has remained a tenured Professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo for nearly 30 years and is widely published with research articles and contributions to encyclopedias and books.

International Lectures

His guest lecture circuit includes top universities in the US, Europe, China (PRC), and Taiwan (ROC). Prof. Cheng is the founder of the University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH) - Peking University Culture Study Tour promoted by Education Abroad Asia.

Empty Logic

His book “Empty Logic“, which examines key concepts in Mahayana philosophy, is internationally acclaimed by scholars in the field and at universities around the world.

Dr Raymond Ritchie

Dr Raymond Ritchie

Biologist and Research Adviser

Dr. Ray is a native of Australia and earned his PhD from the University of Sydney. He had a 3 year post-doctoral appointment at Cornell University, USA, and post-doctoral assignments at the University of Washington, USA, and the University of Vancouver, Canada.


Dr “Ray” has 110 publications, including more than 90 papers in peer-reviewed international journals on topics ranging from bacteria, algae, corals, plants, South African fur seals and astrobiology, to those in the social sciences, including surf site and tourism conservation. Review Dr. Ray’s publication record on Research Gate.

International student support

Dr Ray has lived, worked and conducted research in Australia, North America (US and Canada), Scotland and SE Asia. He has unique experience in advising undergraduates in their research, including publication in international journals.