"Education is the great equalizer for social transformation across countries and economies"

We are educators supported by broad base of individuals who believe in raising global consciousness and engaging students in international education and cultural exchange.


"Encouraging enlightened engagement in global issues among diverse peoples"

Through the promotion and support of experiential learning and international education – we strive to foster a better understanding of the world, cultivate environmental responsibility, and encourage enlightened engagement in global issues among diverse peoples.


Education Abroad Asia was founded by Dr. Steven A. Martin in association with the United States Education Abroad Resource

During Steven's undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii in the 1990's he participated in 9 American study abroad programs, including the University Study Abroad Consortium in Costa Rica, the School for International Training in South Africa, the College Consortium for International Studies in Spain, and Peking University in China and Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan with the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Through formative and personal experience in these undergraduate study abroad programs, Steven developed the Study Abroad Journal and University Filmworks to support and report on education abroad stories and opportunities around the world.

Education Abroad Asia is an outgrowth of these projects, offering a fun, affordable and direct pathways to study abroad in Southeast Asia, with a regional office at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand, where Steven earned his PhD and is a tenured lecturer in Thai and ASEAN Studies.

Education Abroad Asia is an official and committed partner in the United States Generation Study Abroad and the Institute of International Education (IEE)